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Single and multi-pass filtration

Media Options: Sand, Peat, Other

sand filtration

Sand Filters Provide Quality, Low-Maintenance Treatment – Three types of filters are detailed including advantages and disadvantages and operational and maintenance requirements.

Dosing Options: Intermittent and Recirculating

Intermittent filters apply wastewater in intermittent doses to a media bed and allowed to pass through once before being collected for further treatment or final disposal. Common types are described: gravity discharge, pumped discharge, and bottomless.

General overview for intermittent filters

Technical overview for intermittent filters 

Recirculating filters have wastewater from a septic tank flow by gravity to a recirculation tank where it is pumped and dosed on top of the filter. The wastewater is then collected via an underdrain pipe network and is either returned to the recirculation tank for an additional pass through the filter or discharged for further treatment and/or final disposal.

General overview for recirculating filters

Technical overview for recirculating filters 

peat filter

Other media filters

Technology Overview: Biological Filtration – Biofilters are an option to provide a second step of wastewater treatment in cases where a higher level of treatment is needed before the effluent is returned back to the environment.