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Water Conservation

Water conservation is using water wisely and efficiently. Every living creature, and us humans, depend on clean water to survive. It may seem there is an abundant supply of water. The reality is, water is a limited resource and very costly to ensure it is clean and safe to drink. Less than one percent (1%) of the fresh water on Earth is accessible for human use and not necessarily potable, safe for human consumption. 

Graywater: Safe Reuse and Recycling - Segregating wastewater streams is an option if effluent reuse is a goal.

Greywater Systems: A Technical Overview - Basic separation of wastewater is between blackwater, or toilet wastes, and greywater, which is everything else. How to separate and treat options are presented.

Water Efficiency: A General Overview A general comparison of conventional and low-flow water fixtures is provided.

Water Efficiency: A Technical Overview - Water conservation measures for homeowners are detailed.