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Onsite Wastewater Installation Assessment for Years 2015 through 2018

Phase 1 (2015)

OWIA Phase 1 county response map

Phase 2 (2016 - 2018)

OWIA Phase 2 county response map

The national OSUR in 2015 is the most reliable OSUR value with a 82% local agency response rate and 63 % of total new housing permits included in OSUR calculation. The national OSUR in 2015 is calculated to be 30%. The decrease in local agency response (45%) and new total housing (45%) for 2016 – 2018 fluctuates the adjusted national OSUR steadily around 29 – 32%.


If you would like to receive a complete copy of the Phase 1 (2015 data) and/or Phase 2 (2015 through 2018 data) reports, please send an email to and include  OWTS Reports in the Subject line of your email.


Septic Smart Logo

Each year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) holds SepticSmart Week, an annual event centered around outreach activities to educate and encourage homeowners and communities to care for and maintain their septic systems.

Septic Week 2020 will be held September 14-18 this year. For updates on activities and additional information from the EPA, visit:   www.epa/gov/septicsmart-week.